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Vinum noster hereditatem

Wine – our heritage

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Winery Marqués De Berol

Poetry and music of wine are born in the glass

The winery is located in an area where tradition dates back into history with centuries of wine production

We not only work with the harvest of local origin, but also select the best grapes from other countries.

tilda icon We strive to produce decent wines of Spain and the New World.

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Our wines

Marqués De Berol Spanish wine

A bright, aromatic, full-bodied wine made of traditional grape varieties with a rich fruity taste of red berries. Magnificent bouquet. Pleasure with every sip.

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Our wines

Larums Spanish wine

Delicate fine wine with a unique aroma. Balanced, with a mild pleasant taste, unique character and velvety rich texture. Discover the secret of exquisite pleasure.

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Our wines

Berol Chilean wine

A delicate wine with unique personality made of selected grapes from the countries of the New World. The aroma and taste of ripe fruit with hints of citrus, fruity finish. Bright acidity, well-structured tannins.

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Flavor with a century of history

Winery history

photo: The old building of the Marquis de Berol history est

In the countries of developed winemaking, vineyards carry the spirit of tradition and time.

In Spain, “bodega” means "wine cellar". The wine cellars are located in an area where the tradition of winemaking goes deep into history with centuries of family production, soil and climate, which stimulates the creation of excellent wines.

More about the winery

They create wine for you

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photo: oenologist Manuel Rojas

Oenologist Manuel Rojas

An extraordinary and highly valued profession in the wine industry. The oenologist Manuel Rojas continues the tradition of his family. His deep knowledge, wisdom and many years of experience are the soul of our wines.

Тin a difficult 2020, he celebrated his 48th grape harvest.



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