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About us

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History and location

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photo: harvesting white grapes in the plantation
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The territory of the winery Marqués de Berol keeps a history of millennia, which goes back to the time of St. James.

A good climate and fertile soil help to create the best wines.

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photo: Location of Marques De Berol
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Resources and capacities

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The territory of the winery is equipped with all the necessary facilities for the preparation, production and storage of wine.

We not only grow and harvest grapes in the private vineyards of the Marqués de Berol winery, but also produce wines from the best grapes from the countries of the New World.

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photo: wine storage in barrels
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Our specialists

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All their lives, the experts of the Marqués de Berol winery devote to grapes and the comprehension of its wonderful properties, undisclosed secrets and possibilities.

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