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This website is owned by Bodega Marques de Berol SL. (Address: Crta. De Madrid s/n Apartado no. 42, 31591 Corella, Navarra, España). The Marques de Berol website (hereinafter referred to as the website) uses a technology for collecting information using cookies, which makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the website and the website Services.

Our website installs first and third-party cookies in accordance with that established in this Policy. You can alter the settings regarding the cookies you want to install, depending on the category.

Through the cookie settings, or by accepting the cookie notice, you consent to informed or set cookies being installed (unless you've modified your browser setting to reject all or certain cookies by default).

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file containing small amounts of data that are downloaded and installed on your device/terminal when you visit our website. Cookies are then returned to the original website on subsequent visits, or to another website that recognises the cookie in question. Cookies are useful because they can store and retrieve information about the number of visits, the user's or their computer's browsing habits and, depending on the information cookies contain and how the device is used, they can also be used to recognise the user and improve the website's user experience.

Not all cookies process personal data. When they do, such processing will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Which cookies does the website install?

Сookies can be one of the following types:

Necessary (technical) cookies

This website uses technical cookies, which enable users to browse the website, as well as use the different options or services offered, such as identifying the session, remembering an order, asking to register for or take part in an event, the use of security measures while browsing, storing content to share videos or sound, language settings, etc.

Preference cookies

This website may use preference cookies, which enable data from previous browsing sessions of a website to be remembered and to change its appearance or behaviour, as well as to improve the website's user experience For example, such cookies enable the region you're accessing the site from, the language selected, etc. to be remembered.

If these cookies are disabled, some functions may not be available while browsing.

Statistical (analytical) cookies

This website uses analytical cookies to collect information about the user's activity on the website and also general website activity. The information collected enables us to optimise the browsing experience for our website and ensure users receive the best service by knowing, for example, the number of pages visited, the language used, the frequency and repetition of visits, their duration and the browser used, among other variables. Users can exclude the actions of such cookies via our cookie settings, via the exclusion systems provided by analytical tools or their own browser settings.

Marketing (advertising) cookies

This website uses advertising cookies that enable the effective management of the website's advertising spaces, normally by third parties that manage advertising spaces, and also enable us to adapt advertising content to ensure it's relevant to the user and to avoid showing ads the user has already seen, as well as to limit the amount of advertising shown to each user.

In accordance with their own policies, some advertising managers may use anonymous cookies to display ads of interest to you when you visit other websites. Users can exclude the actions of such cookies via our cookie settings or their own browser settings.

How can cookies be disabled or deleted?

At any time users can accept or refuse the installation of cookies, or refuse the installation of a certain type of cookie such as statistical or marketing cookies.

If so desired, you can change your preferences via the links below.

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