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photo: Manuel Rojas

Manuel Rojas


An extraordinary and highly valued profession in the wine industry. The oenologist Manuel Rojas continues the tradition of his family. His deep knowledge, wisdom and many years of experience are the soul of our wines.

All stages: from the ripening of grapes and its processing to the final bottling of wine, - are controlled by an oenologist.

Miryam de Santiago
de los Santos


After completing her studies in economics and linguistics at the Complutense University in Madrid, Miriam began her professional career as an accountant in banking, after which she gained experience in other companies in various sectors of the economy.

photo: Miryam de Santiago <br>de los Santos

When she moved with her family to the La Rioja region in 2015, she gained experience in the wine industry, thereby improving her professional skills in the field of logistics, export, agricultural documentation and special taxes on alcoholic beverages. Finally, in 2017, she joined the Bodegas Marqués de Berol team, where she currently performs accounting, tax and administrative work.

photo: Beatriz Cerdan Barea

Beatriz Cerdan Barea

A technician in oenology and viticulture

A technician in oenology and viticulture, a master of oenology at the “EVENA” Wine Academy of Navarra. Beatrice created her website She is an assistant and consultant for various courses on waste management in a winery, a specialist in the taste and quality of wine.

Beatrice worked at different wineries in different wine regions of Spain, currently works at the winery Marqués de Berol, where she continues to improve her professional skills and adopts experience together with the technical director of the factory, oenologist Manuel Rojas.

Heleri Vilbas

General Manager for the Baltic and Scandinavian countries

A specialist with a fairly extensive experience in the field of marketing. Graduated from the European Business School (EBS) in Munich with a degree in marketing information, management and distribution.

photo: Heleri Vilbas

After graduation - career growth in a large international company in Lausanne. Professionally speaks English and Estonian, fluently speaks Russian and Finnish. Currently works at the Marqués de Berol winery as General Manager for the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

photo: Pavel Timoshenko

Pavel Timoshenko

Operations manager

After graduating from the British classical Saint George’s School in Girona, entered the Barcelona branch for the Bachelor of Business Administration and Management at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse (TBS).

After successfully completing his studies, he continues to improve his qualifications at the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the field of business and management (BABMHR). Fluent in Russian, Spanish, Catalan and English. A young specialist at the Marqués de Berol winery, works as an operations manager.